Every genre, every style.
Give your guests the experience they deserve with professional musicians.

We have a large pop music selection list that is perfect for the cocktail hour or reception as well as the traditional classical music often requested for ceremonies. Listen to more music on our listening page.

Details are our thing

We pride ourselves in knowing your wedding day details.  From the very beginning, clients record their details in a one of a kind system where they can continually update music lists, wedding details, and contact information.

Great Music, Professionally executed

Elegant Ensembles musicians are all professional orchestra members who perform regularly and perform weddings often. Making the music perfect requires attention to detail and knowing the logistical challenges inherent in live music.

Huge pop and classical music list

We have the classics for a traditional wedding and the popular music for more contemporary events.  If we do not have it, we can learn it.


We have performed at literally thousands of weddings and events. Consider Elegant Ensembles for your reception, ceremony, rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour or more. We offer string ensembles ranging from one to six performers.  We have a large repertoire of music including traditional classics as well as more popular favorites.  Ask us if we can perform a favorite song.

  • Wedding ceremonies

    We specialize in ceremonies!  We perform the music for the seating of the family, processions, bride's entrance, musical interlude, accompany vocalists, recessionals and postlude as the guests exit. Music is customized to fit the entrances of the wedding party.

  • Cocktail Hours

    We are often asked to perform for the cocktail hour.  We have a generous selection of popular music favorites from A Thousand Years to Moon River to Pretty Woman.   Classical music may fit the mood better or feel free to mix it up!  Just let us know.

  • Receptions

    Occasionally we are asked to perform a 2 to 3 hour reception.  We're glad to help and we will build a selection list that adds to the ambiance.

  • Prelude Music

    Our prelude music options generally fill a thirty minute time span.  Feel free to specify each selection or let us choose.  We are glad to help you find what works best if you are not sure.

  • Music selection consultations

    We offer unlimited consultations to help you find the music selections that tell your story.  We will offer suggestions and draft out a program that makes you feel like the music is showcasing your favorites.  All music options will be entered in our one of a kind online system for keeping the details simple and organized.

  • Special Music Requests

    Do you have a special music selection in mind?  Ask us if we can perform it.  We are glad to help you have your musical dreams come true.  From the Imperial March to the Theme from Zelda and Broadway tunes and Coldplay.....we have made it happen!

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Read over 170 reviews from past clients. We have performed at hundreds of venues and a few thousand weddings.  Ask us what we think might work best for your wedding and venue.